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Carpathian Socio-Cultural Overview No. 1 (32) 2019

For archaeologists and historians the topic is interesting, worth knowing, and above all, reconnaissance in the field in search of valuable artifacts. For artists and photographers a place full of creative inspiration and themes not tainted by tourist civilisation. For entrepreneurs and economists area ideal for trade, production, search for people to work. For politicians, an important topic, especially in the context of international cooperation for years of extremely developmental. And for tourists the dream areas for sightseeing with an increasingly interesting, diverse and attractive offer.

A renewed Periodon “Carpathian Socio-cultural review” will touch each of these mentioned thematic ranges. This first number is a peculiar mix of various proposals. For obvious reasons, we describe the project – subsidized by EU funds – through which 8 KPSK numbers can be prepared. We present a conversation with a politician who talks about an important communication investment for the first time opening this area bordering north and south of Europe. There is no shortage of references to the interesting history of the site: It is therefore a speech and the beskids that are maring centuries on the roads, as well as a salt pit intensively exploited since the late Middle Ages.

We present interesting silhouettes, both artists and entrepreneurs using the resources of these lands, constituting for them on the one hand creative inspiration, but also the product from which they create new works, products. We describe the preserved cultural legacy, the heritage of the peoples living in these lands for centuries. And whether it is castles, palaces, temples or cemeteries, it is necessary to take care of them, hence the necessity of cooperation between Poland and Ukraine for their preservation for the next generations. Heritage is also a culinary, hence the first story about dishes and dishes typical of the borderland area, this time on its western part. And in the final part of the number you will find the Carpathian legends, which need to read, so that the memory will survive forever.

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Adam Cylo

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