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Carpathian Socio-Cultural Overview No. 3 (34) 2019

The latest number “Carpathian Socio-cultural review” will be a pleasant surprise to the reader… Ukrainian. Why? We have increased the number of texts translated into the language of our eastern neighbours, and their explicit wish. We dedicate this number to KPSK in much of the Hutsul. So we have an interesting conversation with Poles, who for years has been conducting a hut in Cuba in inaccessible areas of Czarnohora. It is worth reading his remarks about the development of tourist traffic in this area of the Carpathian Mountains. Another material is a short story about Molfarach, which is half of the quill, the whispers of half-healers or herbalists. It is worth seeing one of them and reading about the imaginary very interesting (hmm) cure for everything. No less worth the command is the text and colorful photo reportage about the bazaar-Fair in the City of Kosiv and an extraordinary relationship with the meeting with Serhijem Dutką. It is an artist working in Clay, which on the one hand carries out products modeled after the old Hutsul pots and dishes, but on the other is strongly looking for new ideas, often very original, and even surprising modern motes. Well, the ceramic dinosaur in Hutsul colors, however, can amaze that the mammoth or the water tailpiece will not mention. From Bieszczady and Bedzbark history It is necessary to replace the text of the continuation of the old traditions of the Łemkowska Cultural Museum in Zyndrane, so closely related to our bieszczady narrow-gauge forest or an age already, wooden swift in Olchowiec. There could be no shortage of stories about contemporary, Bieszczady artists in KPSK – Galeria Barak in Czarna Róży and Krzysztof Franczaków is a place where tradition and modernity are combined in a natural way. We continue the thread of the entomology of the Carpathians, interested in the Relik species of beetles, namely the Sichrawa Carpathian and the runner of the Fabrician. And finally an elaborate thread of legends and Carpathian applications. Their never too much, the more that they form part of the tradition most exposed to… Oblivion.

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Adam Cyło

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