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Carpathian Socio-Cultural Review No. 4 (35) 2019

The “World of Carpathian ROEs” project is slowly entering the key time of its realization. The current dissemination and education activities, which we describe on the pages of our Periodon, joined the scientific seminar, during which art historian, architect, ethnologist and craftsman addressed the issue of uniqueness Cultural heritage of this part of the Carpathians. The summaries of the three papers can be found in this issue. The guiding theme of the number is to look for answers to the question-on what plane: artistic, handicraft, and perhaps associated with tradition, Milikowszczyzna and Hutsul have left a unique message after each other? Research trips in Eastern Carpathians allow their participants to have interesting observations, with which, in the form of texts-they share with us. These include materials about writing workshops or describing the tradition and modernity of the production of Liżnyków. An important element of this way of looking at the region is the short, only signaling phenomenon, the text about the symbol of the Carpathian arch associated with the characteristic decorative detail of this area. The origins of the “Flower of Life”, found in Europe at different latitudes, are in the history of the monuments, in the Carpathians it became like the essence of the place; On the one hand being “only” decoration, but on the other, performing important functions of magic-protective. And what is essential “alive” until today. The theme of Hutsul, but in terms of the economy of the sage, is, in turn, the author of the text on the pastoral traditions of the region. It is also worth knowing that the shepherts from these areas of the Carpathians are willing to work in Poland to help reactivating pastors in the submountainous areas of the south-east of our country. In the area of our – Bedzin – the experience of the promotion of elements of tradition and culture, it is worth reading the texts about the post-War Horse fair in Lutowiska (an event referring to the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) or A very interesting idea of creating a bieszczady School of crafts in Uherce mineral.

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Adam Cylo

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