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Carpathian Socio-Cultural Review No. 3 (42) 2020

Rediscovering, discovering otherwise
In today’s world, cultural tourism is developing drawing on material resources and intangible heritage. This process is influenced by various factors, and the end result is a specific product, the components of which are selected elements of the cultural heritage of the place. It has nothing to do with reconstruction or copying, it must be true. All the details of both natural and cultural qualities attractive to a potential tourist are all complex for the tourist product – it is suitable for complex symbolic meaning.

In recent years, in Podkarpackie, and going more widely in the border area of Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Slovak, there has been an increase in interest in regional heritage. We are starting to use them slowly, the best example of which is the dynamic Wallachian Cultural Trail, the heritage of the Wallachians dating back to the tradition of the 14th century. It left behind village spatial arrangements specific to the submountain areas, numerous mobile and immovable monuments – both sacred and secular – especially in an area associated with the already departing wood culture. These elements of the Carpathian heritage, connected precisely with history, customs and even culinary delights, create a unique “living and rich tissue” of the local tradition in Europe.

Bieszczady and Beskid Niski fill up massively with tourists for 4-5 months, and after this period “hula wind in the hall and swallowing”. At that time, small groups of conscious tourists are appearing here, looking at exploring the nature or culture of the place. Moreover, they naturally “interact” with the local population and the culture represented by them. They are looking for a special kind of real kind, avoiding at all costs industrial shoddy prepared for a mass tourist. Their choices lead to the development of demand for products of local crafts, regional culinary delights. They are looking for unadulterated impressions and emotions. Without knowledge of their needs and their preferences, we will close the Carpathians for a “valuable” not only financially valuable group of receptions, which will look for these reports elsewhere.

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Adam Cyło

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