International meeting with masters of musical instruments

In the village of Pistyń (Kosovo region of the Iwanofrank region) in Ukraine from 12-13 December 2019. there were music workshops organized as part of the project “World of Carpathian rosettes – activities to preserve the cultural uniqueness of the Carpathians”.

The two-day project was prepared by the Project Partner organization NGO «Social center «ETALON». The participants of the workshop were guests from Ukraine and Poland. The first point of the program was a theatrical performance fri. “The evening of St. Andrzeja” at the House of Culture in Czerhanówka. A group of amateur actors during an artistic meeting recreated traditional customs and omens associated with the Christmas Eve of St. Andrew. In the evening, a gala dinner was held, accompanied by a presentation of regional music made on Hucula musical instruments prepared by Yuri Mikheyczta Tafijczuk.

On the second day, the participants visited the private Museum of Huculsk Instruments and Huculszczyzny Roman Kumłyk in Wierchown, where his daughter Natalia demonstrated an artistic show of the game on the original Hucula instruments.

Author of the text: Lidia Widak
Photos made by: Andrzej Błoński, Monika Maślanka-Preneta, Krzysztof Szpara

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