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Symposium: “Wooden churches of the Carpathian area and the eastern border”

At the National Museum of Przemyska Land on 23-25 October. international symposium “Wooden churches of the Carpathian area and the eastern border” will be organized.

The theme of the meeting of scientists from Poland and abroad (Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus) will be the monuments of wooden sacred architecture, including unesco listing. Its purpose will be to exchange experiences between historians, art historians, conservators and specialists dealing with wooden churches in the countries located in the Carpathian area, as well as in the eastern border area designated on the line Podlasie and Lubelszczyzna. The three-day meeting will allow you to look comprehensively at the history of these facilities, as well as compare the current problems of the protection and maintenance of wooden churches and their popularization in various areas.

Learn more about the event on the Organizer’s website.

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