Treasures of Czarnohora

In the mountains of Czarnohory there are many caves in places very inaccessible, fearsome of the same location. Some of them at night come out of the spectrum of jakoweś and hear the voices and buzzes of chains like Kaydan. These are the spectrum of robbers living and robering once in these mountains. From one of these caves there is a night of twelve specms treated in white robes, carrying an open coffin on their shoulders. They come out with her on Howerle and leave her there, then they disappear. Then the skulls of the Nieboszczyków, who have been buried here in different parings and other places, also rise.

In the black Horze there was always a plague of robbers, and in several caves were the loot. Many of them were left in these hideout for a variety of reasons, because often all the compatriots of robbers were lost, whether it was broken by the directories or because of the moru.

These treasure-chests guarded the spectrum similar to the hermit. Hucuł One such, the poor, which in the woods gathered acorns, saw such a hermit going towards the catheter. The curiosity he followed was stealthed. The hermit entered the cave, where the entrance to the interior of the Napoleon complex was a door. He was in the end, then exclaimed from the Silent: Open! The door opened and the hermit entered. He heard a voice from inside: Close!

Hucuł looked around to remember the entrance to the Caiters, then went to his works. He returned home, to his wife and eight of his children, to his daily routine. But the thought of a mysterious mushroom did not give him peace. One day he decided to go to this caitay. But fearsome of the evil powers, he took a cross with the image of Christ. Without major problems he arrived at the Caiters and stood under the door, said: Open!

The door opened, so it went on and then his eyes appeared undressed wealth, as it was a bold talary and shiny gold ducaty. The mass of chalices and ecclesial crosses, but also the globules filled with pearls and precious stones. He took a few handful of silver thalers, but he feigned to reach him, because where to him the poor gold touch. Suddenly, a voice spoke from the depths: When you are in need, you can come again!

Hucuł walked up to the door and when they opened up, he went outside. The other day he went to the city and gave a couple of thalers to the Orthodox Church and to the churches, and after the Talara to the minor, he gave a few braces to beggars. Then the Jews bought some food and clothes for their family. In a few days, and it was Sunday, he went to the Caitone again and took the pockets of the thalers. When he had already been in the house, he was suspicious of his neighbor, a man who was envious, but rich by his own. He forced the poor man to reveal his mystery to him, for as he did not, he promised to give the matter to the court that he was robbing of him. At the same time he gave the word that he would share the treasure, fairly, half in half.

The rich man prepared himself as it should, taking with him several bags to which he had to charge treasures. Hucuł had these bags to be outside. The rich man also had a plan to get rid of the Hutula by precipitting him into the abyss. They entered the caves and stood in front of the door. After the call: Open! The rich man entered the caves and threw himself on the treasures, hurried loading them into the bag. At the moment the doors were closed.

From the inside of the cave spoke The voice: Why did you come here?

The rich man, who caught the treasure-charged sack, threw himself to the exit, but they remained closed. There was nothing to knock them out, because he didn’t know what spell they could open. Hucuł standing on the other side of the door, he heard the knock, and finally some moaning and dangerous barking of the dog, after which everything quieted down. At the moment he heard the bells beating the angel of the Lord. After saying, “Open!”

The door to the catheter broke out and Hucuł saw a torn, bloody body of the rich man. And the treasures at that moment began to collapse into an invisible abyss. This is how the adventure ended, from which Hucułowi has been a lot of silver thalers. Other probably somewhere there are still in the black Horze and maybe sometime someone will come across.

Andrzej Potocki – writer, journalist, author of television reportages. Educated historian and animator of culture. Since 1989, he has been a journalist for reportażysty. He publishes in the regional and nationwide Press and carries out film materials for public television. In TVP appeared more than four hundred of his films and reportages. Author of more than twenty books on the regional theme, presenting Cultural and historical achievements of Polish Bieszczady and the Borderland area.

Selected legends come from Andrzej Potocki’s book “The Book of Carpathian Legends. Bieszczady, Low Beskid, Ebony and Gorgan “. The author gathered 179 of the Carpathian legends extracted from the corners of human memory, faded from old age, would seem to anyone no longer unnecessary.

Text Author: Andrzej Potocki
Artwork from the book: Agnieszka Dziama

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