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The route of the Wallachian Culture

The Wallachian Cultural Route establishes the functioning of an international cultural route based on the Wallachian heritage. Restoration of local historical and cultural heritage through activities (cultural resources inventory, training and cultural workshops, publications on Wallachian culture, “Wallachian events” (based on pastoral and sheep grazing) rediscoverand recall this memorable legacy.

Map of the Wallachian Cultural Trail.

A cross-border, integrated cultural route serves as a carrier of regional cultural values. Through popularization, it affects the development of Wallachian heritage, making it a “living” witness of borderline culture. The trail opens up new, common opportunities for local communities, which, based on Wallachian culture, can create their own cultural offer, e.g. in the field of culture. through handicraft workshops, local Wallachian events, cheese production, etc.

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