School of the losing professions

In the early 20th century building of a former school in The Mineral Uherce, you can roll clay pot, write greetings according to the principles of pre-war calligraphy, and you will also learn to bake traditional Subcarpathian powders on a metal wood-burning countertop of rural cuisine.

Bieszczady School of Crafts is another interesting idea for attraction in this region of the Podkarpackie region created by Magdalena and Janusz Demkowiczów. It is not a traditional museum with exhibits, nor a school teaching the profession. It is intended to resemble the forgotten classes of our ancestors, but also allows them to enter their roles for a while.

In the hall on the 1st floor begins for each new group multimedia spectacle. With 11 projectors, we move in time and we see two holograms: a grandfather and his granddaughter. The former mentions her youth, experiences and tastes from school times, explaining her granddaughter’s words and situations incomprehensible to her. Full of anecdotes of stories accompanied by paintings displayed on the walls. The whole is an introduction to exploring the exhibition on the ground floor. Participants are divided into smaller groups and all go to individual classes where everyone can learn calligraphy by sitting in school benches reminiscent of those of the early 20th century and using a pen with a steel nib for immersion in ecoline, resembling ink. Or sit behind the pottery wheel and make – under the guidance of an instructor – a pot of clay. And finally bake your own hand-prepared prose on the kitchen countertop.

An additional attraction is two old ebonite phones standing on the windowsill. When you raise the handset, you can hear the voices of one of the seven people in the 1930s. and 40. were students of this school. Moreover, they tell not only about it, but also about everyday customs, about baking bread, fun, about how “woody was” in the Mineral Uhertins. On large screens in the form of windows there are moving holograms with old photos. In each of the rooms there are applications that help you check your knowledge of the region, send an electronic greeting postcard to your loved ones and photoplastics. The tour ends outside the school building with a mural by Paweł Wołos and Karol Prajzner. It presents artisans in costumes from the time of construction of the school in 1901. with the faces of people who contributed to the creation of… Bieszczady School of Crafts.

Author of the text: Krzysztof Zieliński
Photos made by: Maciej Basta, Krzysztof Zieliński

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