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Carpathian Socio-Cultural Review No. 2 (33) 2019

Our eastern frontier has separated Poland and Ukraine for decades. She was haunted by a barbed cordon, a ground-eared, and a fierce ammo patrol. The stress and trauma associated with its crossing in the time of “folk democracy” many remember until today. Today, this has changed dramatically, although it is not slightly. Now one problem is the queue on the border, on each side, and the need to remember to take your passport with you, and to make it even more important. Unfortunately, Ukraine’s Schengen zone is not yet covered. And if it was easier to cross the border we would find on the other side a very interesting place to watch and know. And for the Ukrainians and for Poles. This number of “Carpathian Socio-Cultural review” presents further places. Attractive tourist attraction in Ukraine and in Podkarpkiem. So we have the next text from the series of strongholds and palaces of the former Kresów, this time Zhovkva and Zolochiv, so heavily connected with the history of the Republic of Poland. It is worth looking at the text about a group of motorcyclists organizing excursions in the Eastern Carpathians and visiting them with one-footing… After summits. We also show “Carpathian Stories”, which are people who work in the Bieszczadach to discover and sustain the traditions of crafts and historical. We also begin a series of materials about Hucułach and Hutsul, one of the most interesting, perhaps not only artistically-the groups of the Eastern Carpathians, who cultivate their traditions today. Interesting are the texts of the ancient History of the Borderland: whether Christianity reached the region much earlier than in 966, which connected North Africa to the Sieteszą under Łańcut, as the Rusian beskids of the Bardians shone and what the Carpathian tourism looked like in time II Republic. At the end of the geography and entomology of the Carpathians – professional texts interesting even for the laers. And the whole is impressively illustrated, because it is an important element of our message in KPSK. And at the end of the number you will find the next Carpathian legends. This time, about the title and the chads that need to be read, so that the memory will survive forever.

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Adam Cylo

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