First herbal workshop in Daliowa

On 17-19 May, a zielarski workshop was held in the Beskydy town of Daliowa, which was one of the activities of the project “World of Carpathian rosettes”. Joanna Sadowska-Spindle, who runs the classes, is a lover of wild plants and a search for the so-called ” wild taste.

During the meetings, participants obtained basic but cross-cutting knowledge of the search, recognition, harvesting and processing of plants for a variety of purposes. The close proximity of Jaśliski Landscape Park, and therefore an unspoiled environment, fostered walks in the field, harvesting plants growing wild in meadows, glades and in the garden next to the hosts’ house. The rules on the collection, storage and use of herbs were discussed, as well as their use in the home medicine cabinet, kitchen and cosmetics.

During the workshop, participants were given a systematic knowledge of certain uses of the plants in question.  The first day of the meeting was dedicated maceratoms, herbal oils, ointments, sauerism, decoctions and infusions. Another day was intended for the creation of natural cosmetics and health preparations e.g. facial cream, herbal peeling, or ointments on bites and wounds.

On the last day, the search for “wild taste” in the kitchen was dealt with. There was a short walk to perpetuate knowledge and harvest herbs, and then together prepared a “wild” – several dani – dinner using plants growing in their natural positions.

Text author: Kasper Bosek
Photo copyright Kasper Bosek

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