Carpathian Socio-Cultural Review No. 1 (40) 2020

Carpathians – mountains, whose unusual and difficult history is worth to know. This issue of the Carpathian Socio-Cultural Review fills extraordinary stories from the borderline of ethnography,...

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Saint Onuphrius Monastery in Lavriv: holiness, peace and mysteries

The small Carpathian village of Lavriv, located 12 kilometres from Staryi Sambir and 9 kilometres from the nearest train station, has long been one of the places of importance throughout the...

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A visit at a herbalist

The Hutsul region is in a sense a mythical land. Outside the geographical area, it is an area rooted in consciousness as a romantic land of mountain people for whom “there is no such life like...

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Relict species of beetles

The nature of the Carpathians is characterised by high biodiversity, which is why this area plays a very important role in protecting various types of natural habitats and many species of plants and...

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At Mr Dutka’s workshop

Hutsul ceramics have a long tradition. They have become popular already in the nineteenth century, when they became known and exported in significant quantities outside the region. At that time, the...

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Kosiv – the marketplace as in the past

Does every marketplace in this part of the world look the same? Yes, to some extent. We will find stalls with household appliances: pots, knives, brushes, cheap clothes that came directly from China....

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